Qui sommes-nous?

We are a research, analysis, and knowledge-sharing cell focused on finance, economics, and taxation. We intersect various disciplines and collaborate with professionals and researchers from various public administrations.

La mission

We aim to enrich public discourse by providing an objective perspective on issues related to economics, finance, and taxation. We examine, with a dual spatial and temporal dimension, the observed developments and disparities, as well as the impacts of various endogenous or exogenous shocks. We prioritize data from reliable sources, including those from public institutions and other specialized organizations. Our analyses strive for objectivity, and our publications are regularly updated.

Nos services

On our website https://www.finances-heure.com, we share articles, comments, summary notes, bulletins, and the results of conducted research in complete independence. This accessible documentary resource is intended for citizens, decision-makers, practitioners, and journalists.Our site aims to be an educational and didactic tool, catering to experts, policymakers, students, and any user interested in the topics covered. Users will also find additional resources such as budget laws, relevant financial legislation, and external links to the websites of major public financial institutions.

Nos partenaires

We welcome any suggestions for improving the quality of our services. We also offer professionals, students, and researchers the opportunity to join us. Furthermore, we remain open to public or private organizations and institutions, both national and international, that are interested in our work. They can contact us at any time.


Duland pursued a dual degree in economics and law at the State University of Haiti. After working for some time in various internal departments at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, he continued his studies and obtained a master's degree in tax law from Aix Marseille University. Passionate about financial law, he engages in analyzing contemporary financial and tax issues. Observing the complementarity between economics and law, which are his areas of expertise, he demonstrates a keen interest in analyzing the economic impacts of law.


Trained in Public Administration at the National Institute of Administration, Management, and Higher International Studies (INAGHEI) of the State University of Haiti, Jean Pierre also holds a Master's degree in Financial Administration from the National School of Financial Administration (ENAF).

Interested in development issues and seeking to understand all aspects of public finance policy, he pursued further training and obtained a Master's degree in Development Economics from the School of Economics-CERDI. He specializes in public finance matters, including public finance management, fiscal policies, mining taxation, revenue mobilization strategies, revenue forecasting, financial analysis and evaluation, and financial strategy development, both for state administration and local governments;